Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 1 - 11

April 11, 2010
With extra food made for supper, why not invite the missionaries over to help us eat it? We were sad to hear that Elder Randall was leaving us (in a transfer). He is an amazing missionary and person!April 10, 2010
Celebrating TJ's 10th birthday with a Hula Party! She invited Kaitlyn Howie over for dancing, presents, swimming, and making bracelets! Aloha!
April 9, 2010
Why do things as fun as trampolines so often end in tears? It's either some getting hurt, or someone having too much fun to want to leave. Bayboo was the latter, in this case :)
April 8, 2010

This is me keeping my promise of allowing myself in more of our family photos. Believe it or not, I have been improving in letting myself be photographed, for my children's sake if nothing else. I want to be a part of this witness to their life. It is a difficult thing for me to overcome, but I'm slowly improving.April 7, 2010
As much as I miss the mountains in Alberta, there is something so incredibly free and beautiful as the Canadian Prairie. I love the open, endless skies and the golden fields stretching out forever.

April 6, 2010
New season, new hairdo. It's shorter than I wanted, but I'm actually diggin it!
April 5, 2010
After living here for over 2 years, we FINALLY visited the set of one of our favorite Canadian shows, "Corner Gas". We loved seeing it in person and spending some time wandering around "Dog River", which is really Rouleau, SK.
April 4, 2010
What an age we live in! We can enjoy all sessions of Conference in our own home, watching on TV or on the Internet. TJ took many notes and tried very hard to watch every session.

April 3, 2010
The Easter Bunny did well this year with DVDs, pudding, chocolate, fruit snacks, and candies!
April 2, 2010
Time to break out the bikes and enjoy that sunshine! It's not my favorite thing, but once I get the wind in my hair, it's fantastic.
April 1, 2010
We bought our new HP laptop today - and that's no joke. Neither was the price tag! It's amazing how much we rely on computers for our business and just every day life.

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