Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 25- 31

March 31, 2010
After months and years of hard work and discipline, this final capstone project represents the finishing line of Lyndon's MBA! We both sacrificed and even cried a few tears, but he did it. I'm so proud of my man!
March 30, 2010
A super fun pre-kindergarten fieldtrip to the local fire station with JJ. We both loved it and learned a lot. I especially loved when the fire figther dressed in his gear and played with the kids so they would learn not to be afraid of them in the case of a fire!
March 29, 2010
Family Home Evening treat at good old MacDonalds! Nothing like humungo ice cream cones!
March 28, 2010
What a hunk I married! Meow!
March 27, 2010
We were so blessed to witness Caleb Northcott's baptism and photograph the event. Such an amazing family. I hope we stay friends for a long, long time!
March 26, 2010
Lately this is our toothpaste of choice. We change our brand whenever there is a sale! Good thing we aren't toothpaste snobs.
March 25, 2010
My absolute favorite aisle to browse through in ANY store. The smell of new books just calls to me, begging to me to escape through them. There is nothing quite like reading a good book.

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