Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 13, 2010
It arrived!!! I was jumping around like a little girl. Meet the new home for my 2010 photo a day:

January 12, 2010
Lyndon was looking through an old day planner from 11 years ago and came across this photo from our engagement days. It made me smile to think how far we've come, but how in love we still are! This was truly a match made in heaven :)


January 11, 2010
BB and JJ have both been sick with colds this week. It's absolutely NO FUN! Especially with the weather warming up this week and all of that delicious snow just asking to be jumped in. Hope you feel better soon!


January 10, 2010
Spending some time coloring a page about our Primary lesson seems to be the favorite activity on Sundays. I just adore the children I teach - they bring me such joy.

January 9, 2010
 The Olympic torch made it's way through our city today, and Lyndon took the older 2 girls to enjoy the festivities. It was a once in a lifetime chance for my daughters to be front row as the torch carrier ran past. Awesome!


January 8, 2010
B is an 8 year old. Such a special age to be. She has blossomed into a beauty inside and out. Happy birthday, dear one!


January 7, 2010
Brrr.... I mean, minus 37 degrees is bad enough, but what it doesn't show on this shot was the windchill which made it  minus 48 degrees. Like I said... Brrr....


January 6, 2010
One thing I actually like about frigid temperatures is the way the snow lands on the pine needles and stays there for days. It turns our neighborhood into a winter wonderland!

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